Net Hanging chair | Beige (Soft Unbleached Cotton)

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We present you our luxury mesh hanging-chair.  Handwoven in extremely soft and highly resistant cotton, this net hanging-chair and it’s discreet macrame decoration are produced by our talented partner craftsmen’s in Guatemala. Enjoy the incomparable quality and details of our net hanging-seat.  Best price for quality, a unique handicraft available in timeless beige as well as with with dark-blue lines.

The perfect comfort and design for a patio, a balcony or a living room. We made the finishing by hand in Switzerland (FSC Epicea Wood – polished, lacquered and engraved), that allow us to guarantee the incomparable quality of our Mayan hanging-chairs.



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A luxury mesh hanging-chair with macrame decoration and one single pine wood bar. This hanging-seat are handwoven in soft cotton by our partner Mayan Craftsmen and the finishing are made in Switzerland. The perfect furniture to bring a relaxing atmosphere and a wonderful designer touch to any patio, balcony, garden or living room.

  • Pine /Epicea FSC Wood (polished, engraved and lacquered)
  • Natural coton
  • Color: beige (Beige with blue lines)
  • Size of the bar: 92 cm / ⌀ 2 cm
  • Total height /length: 180 cm
  • Total weight: 1,6 kg
  • Packaging: cotton Bags

Unlike our Fishermen hammocks, our cosy Hanging-chairs are handmade with a weaving shuttle on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. Our partner craftsmen’s are providing us with those cosy hanging-seats, they are made in the same extremely soft and highly resistant cotton as our hammocks.

Ideal for taking a tee time in the living room during a cold winter, those traditional hanging-chairs are as well great for reading a book on the balcony. It is possible to fixe them firmly in just a few seconds when there is, for example, a wooden or steel beam at disposal.  A tree in your garden or on the lake side can also do the job. It is possible to adjust the height by making loops at the ends of the rounded horizontal wooden bar or knots in the sides.

In our hanging-chairs category, you will also find this hanging-seat in an original three bars system variation. They are also offering a high level of comfort.  The main difference of this second type of hanging seat is that the additional lateral piece of wood help to maintain a real sitting position.

In our wall mounts and Hanging kitcategory, we present material to hang your chair up.  For example, we propose quality black ropes, made in Switzerland, with 6 mm of diameter.  Some quality wall mount fixations for wood and cement are also available there.

Don’t hesitate to ask us any question.

Fred & Marta

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 0.20 × 0.20 m



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